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RT @THsportsfeed: More than the Score: Daughter of Dubuque natives to swim in Olympics via @TelegraphHerald

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Thursday 15th of July 2021 05:32:29 AM

RT @THsportsfeed: More than the Score: Erickson golf outing raises more than $85K for Hodan via @TelegraphHerald

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Saturday 03rd of July 2021 10:26:14 AM

AUSTIN, Texas — The scores from the first U.S. standardized tests taken during the pandemic are offering an early glimpse of just how far students have fallen behind, with some states reporting that the turbulent year has reversed years of academic …

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Tuesday 29th of June 2021 08:00:08 PM

More than the Score: Prairie League to celebrate 75 consecutive seasons

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Thursday 17th of June 2021 07:27:31 AM

Boys prep soccer: Rams score early, often at Western Dubuque

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Wednesday 14th of April 2021 07:26:07 AM

Girls prep soccer: Bower, Bobcats score late to slip past Rams

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Tuesday 13th of April 2021 07:15:47 AM

More than the Score: Sheehan sets Puerto Rican swimming standards

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Tuesday 06th of April 2021 07:20:34 AM

With the help of a few old friends, the box office rekindled some of its old might over the weekend. “Godzilla vs. Kong” scored easily the best opening of the pandemic with an estimated $48.5 million since opening Wednesday

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Sunday 04th of April 2021 02:44:01 PM

RT @THsportsfeed: More than the score: Area to be well-represented in Shrine Bowl via @TelegraphHerald

— Telegraph Herald (@TelegraphHerald) Friday 02nd of April 2021 09:56:36 AM